Weight Loss Naturally

By | March 11, 2017

Weight Loss Naturally

Weight Loss Naturally

Weight Loss Naturally


Acupressure for Weight Loss is Safe and Effective.
Acupressure for weight loss is a very effective and easy to follow treatment. As most people go on a diet at some point in their life to lose weight, and ultimately fail to either lose or keep the weight off, I offer SUJOK ACUPRESSURE treatment as an alternative method to lose weight that is both safe and produces results.

What Causes Obesity or Overweight?
10 factors that contribute towards becoming overweight and obesity.

Over Eating: Eating too much food is the number one contributor.
Lack of Physical Activity: Exercise, or at least some type of daily strenuous activity, is absolutely essential to ward off extra weight.
Unhealthy Foods: Most of us know what unhealthy foods are vs. healthy foods. The general rule is to east fresh foods and not prepackaged processed foods.
Lack of Sleep: Not getting sufficient sleep is a contributor.
Heredity: The genes you were born with and your family history are markers for whether you are predisposed to becoming overweight and possibly obese.
Medical Conditions: Some diseases can cause a person to become overweight.
These include hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.
Prescription Drugs: Some medicines such as Prednisone and antidepressants may cause weight gain.
Emotional Factors: Depression, anger and stress can make people overeat.
Age: As people age, they tend to lose muscle, especially if they become less active. Muscle loss slows down our metabolism.
Pregnancy: While it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, many women retain this even after the baby is born due to lack of activity and increased calorie intake.

Becoming overweight can be the consequence of various medical conditions. This includes hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea etc.
Although weight loss medicines are there, some of which curbs the appetite and some
other reduces the absorption of fat & calories as well as Vitamin A, K and D.
Both medications have unwanted side-effects. First type of medicines can cause hypertension and irregular heartbeat. Other can cause diarrhea and osteoporosis.

Another option recommended by some doctors is surgical procedures. Weight loss surgery is called bariatric surgery and includes gastric bypass to gastric banding. These surgeries are very costly and can be risky.

Nowadays more and more people are considering Acupressure for weight loss as the results are very promising and satisfactory.

Acupressure/Acupuncture Points I Use.

The most important points are on the stomach meridian and spleen meridian. Stimulating those points can inhibit stomach activity and make the food absorption slower and decrease the appetite.
The second important points are located in large intestine meridian and liver meridian which can help the body to detoxify and speed up metabolism.
For center obesity, points on CV & Gall Bladder Meridians are must points since these points will directly affect and facilitate the bowel movement and speed up metabolism and burn fat.
Stimulating acupoints to lose weight is the key.I chose the points of hunger and mouth which are the most efficient points for deceasing the appetite. The rest of points are spleen, stomach, liver, small intestine, endocrine system. These points can inhibit stomach activity, slow the absorption of nutrition from food in the stomach and small intestine, improve energy and decrease stress, anxiety and depression.
Patients should press/stimulate these to ease their craving for food when she/he feels hungry. I will use byol magnets in place of needles for those who fear needles. Generally speaking, they have the same effect.
In my practice, I prefer to use liver cleansing points to curb feeling hungry (it always works for my patients) and improve sugar and fat metabolism. By strengthening spleen Qi, and regulating stomach Qi and intestine Qi, it will speed up the metabolism, remove water retention, eliminate the wastes from the body as well as enhance the energy. Weight loss starts from here and it is safe and efficient.

Diet Is the Key:
There are many programs offering to assist people through diet. I will just give a few tips on diet that could be practical for you.
An ORGAN CLOCK chart will be provided to the patient to rearrange their daily activities and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Keeping all the above things into consideration we offer you a specially designed

……………….WEIGHT LOSS KIT ……………….
1.FLOWCHARTS describing the location of Acupoints.
4.ELECTRIC MASSAGER for stimulating Acupoints.

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